Best and smart Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Réplique from China

Hublot produces a lot of Big Bang limited editions. Like, a lot of them. This year alone, I found at least eight Big Bang announcements in my inbox, each with a handful of wristwatches that will be produced in limited quantities – and I’m sure there’s a lot I missed. All of this is to say that despite seemingly endless limited-edition parades, when I first saw fake Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu, I thought the company might be turning. This is a really fresh big bang, created in collaboration with interesting people. I must take a closer look.

The main criticism that Hublot replica watch faces is not the number of releases it releases, but the lack of some original thinking. In many cases, the strategy is to change the color on the dial, add the logo of the partner, and possibly create a new band, while keeping most of the big bang intact. To be fair, from a manufacturing point of view, the opposite is not significant. Making a whole new component is a big problem, and small production doesn’t prove it. But that’s another story.

Buchi has an advantage over other artists when it comes to his style. His interest in symmetrical lines and the creation of unique visual effects using polygons and other geometric shapes is more easily translated and processed by tabulators. His design is also familiar to us. They inspired by leonardo Da Vinci’s vitruvian man and other classic works, through his linear method, can be carved out a new pattern of steps, such as table between the circle and star wheel do not match, so as to bring the landmark case of the big bang into a new direction.

If you want a tattoo watch, he’s not a tattoo artist. Instead, he chooses to paint a completely new time. The hour hand, minute hand and second hand all be replaced by the octagonal disk of rhodium coating, from the biggest to the smallest unit of time, time to outer edge, followed by a minute, the last is the second hand dial The central. It takes a while to get used to looking like long hours instead of minutes, but once the head is around the logic (and you will), it’s easy to read the watch.

Hublot réplique montres also introduced a new typeface for watches – created by Swiss Typefaces, a design agency for Buchi, to mark the hours and minutes. The second hand, however, is more mysterious. It’s perfectly symmetrical, but unlike hours and minutes, it doesn’t have any lume to mark it, which means you never know where you stand between two minutes of the day.


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