Hublot Big Bang e Connected replica watch art dial, showing digital complications

Hublot’s Big Bang Replica Watch e black ceramic, which may be more important than its football-centric predecessor, is a recognized descendant of the original game-changing Big Bang model, which injected energy into Hublot when it debuted in 2005. Its 42mm titanium case or black ceramic case is assembled in a model “sandwich” structure and has a 12-hour bezel and metalized numbers. The design of the screw and push rod is consistent with the design of the mechanical big bang, as is the sturdy rubber strap. The sturdy rubber strap is equipped with Hublot’s patented One Click system, which is easily interchangeable.

Luxury Replica Watch Titanium Hublot Big Bang e , amoled touch screen covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Inside the case, which is composed of 42 parts, is an electronic module that controls many functions of the watch through integrated buttons on the crown. Hengbao said the mechanism was developed in cooperation with other brands of the parent company LVMH Luxury Group. Probably one of the brands is sports luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, which is the earliest LVMH watch brand that developed and sold Connected Watch. In addition to the “time only” mode, Big Bang e also offers a variety of dials that can display digital versions of the complex functions of traditional watches, such as the recognizable Big Bang two-register chronograph, a perpetual calendar with ultra-precision moon phases, And the dual time zone GMT with the realism of the earth. The dial of the watch contains Greenwich Mean Time and Perpetual Calendar.

Replica Watch Hublot Big Bang e is a showcase of the HublotLovesArt movement and its continued support for contemporary artists. For this watch, artist Marc Ferrero provided eight original color dial images that were changed every three hours, creating a sequence every 24 hours. As it changes every hour, a five-second animation will guide the wearer from one image to the next.

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