AAA Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Replica

Everyone knows that Hublot loves working together, and their latest project is the Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey limited edition line. The watches will be the latest in the company’s “smart Hublot replica watches Loves Art” collection. Unless you’re a street nerd, you might get a headache with the name Shepard Fairey. But you’ll probably see his work. Remember barack Obama’s “hope” poster? That’s his. He’s also the founder of OBEY street wear.

Fake Hublot Big Bang meca-10 watches, if you forget, is basically a Big Bang, but there’s a manual on-chain core, which we’ve covered in detail here. Despite the manual damage, Big Bang meca-10 retains the huge size of its automatic siblings. The limited edition of Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey is 45 mm in size and 15.95 mm in thickness. Don’t worry if your wrist is one of your top priorities in the watch.

The Hublot Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey limited edition wrist watch is unique in that its case is made from Texalium. Texalium, a special type of carbon fiber, first appeared in Big Bang Unico Italia Independent. Its unique structure allows Hublot réplique montre to create carbon-fiber case with all kinds of colors and even patterns, which is exactly what they do here. The limited edition of Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey comes in two colors, a blue and gray Texalium case with tribal motifs. To match the case, the watch will be paired with a blue or gray calfskin and rubber band and will be embossed with Fairey. The belt can be easily replaced using Hublot’s patented one-button belt replacement system. The case has a waterproof rating of 100 meters.

The cheap Hublot replica watch, both with hollow dial, feature the most prominent feature at three o ‘clock using Fairey’s iconic “Star Gear” logo. The interstellar gear rotates as the mainspring expands, revealing a red spot when the motion almost loses energy. At 6 o ‘clock the position is supplemented by a rather unusual power reserve indicator, which includes a steering wheel and a red aperture indicating the remaining power reserve. At seven o ‘clock, you have a pendulum swing. Since we’re talking about power reserves, this may be a good time to talk about the movement. The inner core is HUB1201 which is manually linked internally. It has a frequency of 3Hz and a power reserve of 10 days. It can also be seen through the bottom cover of the sapphire case.

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