Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition

Hublot launched alongside artist Shepard Fairey’s announcement as a new brand ambassador, creating a limited-edition manual up-chain meca-10 series, which was designed with input from Fairey. The latest AAA Hublot replica collection of art-themed watches, Fairey, founded OBEY clothing, whose artwork includes the creation of the iconic barack Obama hope poster, seems well suited for the brand’s focus on subversive, edgy and controversial artists.

Hublot Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey LE limited to 100 pieces, available in two different colors, is Hublot’s bold and edgy shape-recognition Texalium and carbon fiber case, hollowed-out dial, stylish power storage indicator and dial with Fairey’s own Star Gear logo.

This Shepard Fairey version features a fairly detailed application of tribal flower patterns in the Texalium vamp element of the watch’s 45mm case, which may be outside the hollowed-out dial, which of course is not unique to this best fake Hublot watches design. For those who don’t remember Big Bang Unico Italia Independent, Texalium is specifically aluminum coated carbon fiber, which allows the application of a variety of colors and forms fully customized images in the material. This is basically ideal for watches inspired by the work of visual artists, while Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey can be in blue or gray with additional red tones.

Both versions of the dial have three Fairey star logos powered by Smart Hublot replica watches manual upper chain movement 1201. The movement has a 10-day power reserve, a unique gear power storage display with time, seconds and 6 o ‘clock position, and the remaining reserves (in days) are displayed using a red aperture with a frame. In addition, this Hublot also owns the brand’s “one-click” belt replacement system, which can achieve a simple and toolless belt replacement. Both versions available here are made from rubber and calfskin straps, and are embossed by the artist’s own designs.

While not a model that speaks to my taste, I can understand the appeal of 200 wealthy Fairey devotees and collectors. Unlike the past examples of Hublot’s “Hublot Loves Art” series, these models serve as an extension of the artist’s own appeal, introducing a highly niche luxury fake Hublot watches to the audience that can (possibly) expect to understand the artist’s appeal and the nature of the collection within a given space. As a watch, the $28,300 Big Bang meca-10 Shepard Fairey transforms his art creation into a medium that still has collectible value, while still being a wearable and everyday product.

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