Luxury Hublot Big Bang MP-11 replica watches with a lot of pictures

As Hublot became “the alchemist of high-tech materials,” they called it the new Big Bang mp-11 of 3D carbon and sapphire. Ultralight carbon materials are reinforced with 3d fiber braided resin and are inspired by car engines. This mechanical structure is equipped with 7 series of coupled clockboxes, which can provide 2 weeks of autonomy. The cylinder is shown in the 3D case in a row, and the side is black for smoking. Let’s look at Hublot Big Bang mp-11 replica watches.

The new Hublot réplique montre Big Bang mp-11 features a 3D carbon fiber streamlining design that offers a spectacular view of the 7 series of coupled clockboxes and in-line power storage indicators. The multi-cylinder structure is located on the horizontal axis, which ensures two weeks of autonomy. One thread. Hour and minute displays are driven by vertical gears, which pose additional challenges for designers. Through the rarely used drive system in the tabulation, the force of the cylinder is tilted on the vertical plane: 90 degree spiral worm wheel. As another unique feature of this innovative machine core, the balance is transferred to the side of the dial, symmetrical to the bevel gear. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz, and there is a new patented dividing assembly system.

The all-black explosion was made from a three-dimensional woven reinforced polymer matrix composite. Lightness and durability are unparalleled – including bracelets, which weigh only 90 grams. Carbon’s three-dimensional structure creates unique facets and reflections. This version of the smoky side composite allows the black PVD treatment mechanism to be comparable to the polymer matrix composite shell. The 45mm hollowed-out case shows the engine-inspired architecture. Protected by the U.S. military, the high-tech material is making its debut in the luxury Hublot replica watches industry. Of course, at Hublot!

Echoing the mechanical design, the crown and the white rubber band with the liner reflect the spiral structure of the worm wheel. Finally, the new manufacturing core has excellent autonomy and can be manually wound using a large grooved crown or electric Torx stylus, inspired by the racing world. The new Big Bang mp-11 has an absolute transparency, limited to 200 pieces, and is juxtaposed with its colour back and made of clear sapphire crystal. As a leader in large-scale diamond processing, diamonds are the hardest and most durable material behind diamonds, and smart Hublot replica watch elevates the crystalline case to new heights by giving it a profile of a moving cylinder. As striking as the engine is its inclusion of a sapphire crystal case that bulges, giving it a magnification effect on the power reserve indicator. This is a true demonstration of engineering technology, because sapphire crystals are very challenging for machines.

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