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During the “Geneva watch week” in January 2018, I met with Hublot réplique montre  to see the new blue ceramic version of the Big Bang meca-10 wristwatch, which features the original 2016 release. This is one of the more interesting “watch collection” versions that Big Bang currently offers. Writing about it gives me a chance to share an interesting story about the Hublot meca-10 series.

A few months ago, I discovered that I had been killed while visiting the  fake Hublot watch factory in Nyon, Switzerland. I asked, “can I find something interesting?” Hublot’s busy team thought about it, made a phone call, and asked me to wait for someone to pick me up. In 10 minutes, I was sitting next to a friendly person with a “sports constructor” in his position. Brand usually don’t like them in the media about the valuable engineer, because it usually leads to “poaching talent”, so I won’t mention the person’s name, but in the end if you read this, thank you for your time to chat with you I rather than sports.

Hublot is one of the few watch brands in the world today, and they actually imagine and design new movements to produce from a practical and artistic point of view. Hublot replica watches sports design office is filled with folders dedicated to the various sports charts they have designed and built over the years. Some are UNICO automatic timing tables for volume, while others are more enthusiastic, such as HUB1201 in the Big Bang Meca-10 watch. I spent more than 30 minutes listening to someone’s enthusiasm for his HUB1201 and his philosophy. I’m sorry that not everyone who is sympathetic to the design and creativity of this product can hear this sincere, off-the-cuff statement about their work products.

For the value of it, the hand trying to share the fact that this is a design for the original movement of the watch, and looking cool at the time of writing: “the Big Bang Meca – 10 blue as innovative mechanical structure and material of the ceramic Including two years of development, its hand hollow-out movement has 10 day power reserve, which contains 223 parts, is proof of the beauty and technical expertise, it has two parallel to the power reserve indicator of the barrel: A gear system, two rake sliding along the horizontal axis, highlighting the mechanical structure, when moving closer to the power stored in the last few days, at 3 o ‘clock position opening display a red dot, and at 6 o ‘clock position of gear said the exact number of days and regulating mechanism, combined with the second regulator, at 7 PM. ”

Most consumers can’t read the brand’s own press release – if they personally see Meca – 10 watches may not be aware of this action is designed to be an artistic expression of mechanical sculpture (that time). The 10-day power reserve is a performance promise that helps to position the movement as a high end, but for me the real attraction is the shape of the parts and the visual presentation of the open movement. replique montre Hublot automatique is celebrating the shape and elements that are not normally found in traditional watch movements in industrial design. A good example of these elements is the large power reserve gear and the linear moving gear that moves it. It was nice to hear that the designer mentioned that he wanted to appreciate the action of the audience and provide a high performance so that HUB1201 was impressed on the paper. For me, this is what many watch collectors expect (or should be), and Hublot is one of the brands they can find.

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