Best Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic Réplique

Red ceramics benefit from Hublot and its materials workshop. In Baselworld 2018, Swiss Hublot will debut the first red ceramic case watch in reference 411.CF.8513.RX. Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic replica watch limited 500 pieces. In all black and red, Big Bang UNICO red magic will feature red ceramic sheet and case.As a unique work of Only Watch charity auction, Hublot did launch a wristwatch with a Red ceramic wristwatch – we believe the Watch is made with the same process as Big Bang UNICO Red Magic. What’s so special about red? It is not red, but ceramic is a kind of material that does not like to be made in various colors. There is no problem with the black and white ceramics in the watch. Blue and brown ceramic tones are becoming more and more popular. However, the red color is too light to look good, and in the traditional ceramic baking process, large spots and discoloration will occur.

What did Hublot do to make red ceramic materials? There are many experiments. Hublot réplique montre has a material lab in Switzerland, which has a variety of interesting things, such as Magic Gold. It is said that the red magic ceramic is about 300 vickers hardness than most standard zirconia ceramic materials, and then the perfect, even cherry red. Many people immediately think of rolex, red and blue “Pepsi watch circle” GMT-Master II watch. First, the circle is half blue and half red, and the overall size is much smaller. In addition, rolex’s red color is good, but the color is darker than the bright Big Bang UNICO Red Magic. Even rolex has problems producing semi-red ceramic circles, which is why (now) they only use it for an 18k white gold watch.

Hublot said the red ceramics produced by Hublot’s r&d department have been patented and produced in-house. As I said, in addition to bright red, they claim it is more resistant to scratch than other ceramic materials. Hublot is the main fan of ceramics, and its total output includes a larger proportion of ceramic parts, even though it is only a baffle. As a result, Hublot réplique montres is promoting the development of new ceramics as an increasingly fashionable and exciting new method for luxury watch materials.

First the ceramic parts are formed and then baked and hardened. After baking, they are processed and polished. One of the traditional problems with black or non-pigment (white) ceramics is that heat in the baking process damages the paint. Hublot claims that their patented process for making red magic ceramics uses both high pressure and high temperatures during the sintering process. What’s more, replique montre Hublot automatique that the process is not just red, so it’s possible to see a Big Bang Magic Blue, Magic Yellow, Magic Orange and other colorful ceramic watches in the near future.


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