Cheap Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico replica watches

This is not the first time we’ve introduced you to a watch that shows cooperation between Hublot and ferrari. For example, Robin made comments about Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Unico Ceramic, and later got a comprehensive understanding of the cooperation between the two brands in a recent article. What we immediately see when we look at the smart Hublot replica watch is how the chronometer can easily integrate the elements of these sports cars into the case, the core, the material or the dial. In fact, we always tell you that the connection between cars and watches is obvious, and we talk about collectors, machinery, technology or design inspiration types. This has nothing to do with the 2016 version of the Big Bang Ferrari Unico.

The new Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico watch is inspired by recent models from Italian manufacturers, with innovative shapes and sizes, as well as consistently top-class technology and materials. All of these can be found in the new chronometer. While keeping the overall look of the traditional Big Bang design, Hublot réplique montre has updated and modernized the design. The Big Bang Ferrari Unico will launch three versions: 402.nx.0123.wr (titanium), 402.ox.0138.wr (gold and gold) and 402.qu 011.3 WR (carbon fiber). Except for the materials and color codes used, the rest are the same.


All of these cheap Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico replica watches are made from bold, 45-millimeter cases. Retention of the overall shape (sharp cylinder combined with circular dial and table), but the outline of bezel redesigned, with six screw countersunk notched – the shape of a more accord with human body engineering, can protect the screw. The case is still alternating between polished and brushed surfaces, at least in the King gold and titanium versions. The “type” drawing seen in the black version is actually obtained from one-way carbon fiber rather than surface treatment (a material reminiscent of sports and racing cars).

Compared with the previous brand watches, fake Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico watches also show the evolution of style, more round shape and more complex overall design. On the crown side (with an appropriately large crown), red lines are used in the middle of the case, reminiscent of the iconic grooves in the rear of the LaFerrari model. The slender buttons are attached to the rotating crew, like pedals in a car. In addition, the case retains Hublot’s signature interlayer shell structure, mixed with gold, titanium or black ceramics. Made from black rubber (or black Schedoni leather) and black alcantara, the watch is fitted to the wrist with a red oversewn ferrari trim.

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