Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf – First Mechanical Aperture Display Golf Watch

After Richard Mille shows you a sporty Hublot replica watches, Hublot brings you a golf watch to help you track your green performance. Best of all, they can do it at a more affordable price. For those entering goyle using two separate buttons, you can adjust the number of strokes and the hole currently playing. At 6 o ‘clock, there is a display showing the total number of strokes played throughout the game. All counters can be easily reset by a t-shaped putter at the 8 o ‘clock position. Although it is 45mm in size, the case is made of carbon fibre, so it is barely noticeable on the wrist. The total weight of the watch is less than 100 grams.

Hublot teamed up with world number one golfer dustin Johnson to launch a watch that focuses on extreme precision sports – golf. Hublot has designed, developed, manufactured and assembled a module to equip a new UNICO movement designed for golf. The MHUB1580 movement allows golfers to calculate points seamlessly on the track. Smart Hublot replica watches use aperture to show, ultralight, to provide true athletic performance.

Hublot réplique montre conducted the real test by inviting his friends to measure the length of Dustin Johnson’s drive on the simulator. It’s the world number one golfer whose extraordinary batting pushes Trackman technology to its limits, and it’s a challenge! Big Bang ‘golf watchcase used Texalium ® carved, this is a unique hand material innovation, is the fusion of carbon fiber and aluminum. This unique composite material gives the watch a light feel, and the weight of the watch is only 97.93 grams!

Big Bang Unico Golf has the look of a chronograph, designed as a chronograph. Its machine core USES the zero heart CAM, to ensure that the counting mechanism is solid and reliable. The 2 o ‘clock putter actuator activates the stroke mechanism used to display the stroke number and calculate the stroke number for each hole. The 4 o ‘clock thruster allows the wearer to move to the next hole by resetting the travel counter to zero. The 6 o ‘clock counter shows the total number of strokes played and updates at the same time. The 8 o ‘clock button is shaped like a tee. This resets the mechanism and sets the counter to zero at the end of the round. In the process of round, this button can be rotated 45 ° to lock and to ensure that won’t accidentally activate the button. The MHUB1580 fully hollow motion allows the wearer to appreciate and understand how the chronometer works. The luxury Hublot replica watches comes with two interchangeable wristbands with a One Click system. One is made of white leather sewn with rubber, designed to look like a golf glove, and the other is made with technical fabrics and Velcro fasteners to ensure the watch is perfectly placed on the wrist.

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