Hublot Released New Top Big Bang Unico Red Carbon Alex Ovechkin Replica Watches

Russian NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin, he is the captain of the Washington Capitals team, the 2018 Stanley Cup champion, and joined Hublot replica watch’s star-studded athlete embassy in 2019. In cooperation with a Swiss watchmaker, a very special watch was developed. The watch has many personalized elements, which are nicknamed the “top eight” ice hockey players.

New Replica Big Bang Unico Red Carbon Alex Ovechkin

The top replica watch is equipped with two leather belts and a special hockey ball. Ovechkin’s “Great 8” logo appeared at 8 o’clock. There are many details on the hollow dial with red lettering, including the “Great Three” logo at eight o’clock, which highlights Ovechkin’s jersey number and the resulting nickname; the red and white on the central chronograph The blue finish not only refers to the colors of the Washington Capitals team, but also refers to the stripes of the Russian flag. A red signature is printed on the bottom of the exhibition.

The striking thing about this Big Bang Replica watch is its 45 mm case and iconic screw-in bezel, made of lightweight carbon fiber and interwoven with the red tones in the NWF microglass fiber, which adds to the manufacturing shell The robustness of the composite shell material. Both NWF and carbon fiber are fused together with a resin-colored adhesive to form a deep red color detail, which not only reflects the flag of Ovechkin’s Russian motherland, but also reflects the uniform of his NHL team.

Both straps include Hublot replica’s interchangeable one-button system. The sapphire glass window on the back of the 100-meter waterproof case allows you to see the movement at a glance, with the red Alex Ovechkin signature printed on it. The cheap replica watch comes with a red fabric strap and a micro-blasted black ceramic buckle. It also includes an additional black rubber strap; the two bracelets can be easily switched through replique pas cher Hublot’s “one-button” fastening system.

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