Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent – Authentic Fabric Dials & Straps

Since 2014, two series of partnerships have emerged between Hublot, Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann. While previous two series are based on the bold, masculine and Big Big Bang ‘model (using carbon fiber case and blue jeans or camouflage printed), but this new series will appear in the field of new, more subtle, more masculine code elegance and tailor. The obvious goal here is to bring the concepts of convergence, dear Hublot réplique montre, and custom and custom design to the highest levels Italia Independent and Lapo Elkann. You can see the results in these six versions of Hublot Classic Fusion.

The classic combination chronometer, which uses a 45mm watch case, is more elegant and low-key (in accordance with the standards of cheap Hublot replica watch), and is the playground for mixing metal with the finest materials of Italian tailor Rubinacci. Here, the brass plate is not printed to make the dial. Like brand using leather and Berluti, they now create belt (like URWERK made of UR – 110), but also call with real fabrics, such as: Houndstooth, prince of wales (three versions) and Tartan (for two versions). The project is of course Lapo’s baby, a man known for being one of the most elegant people in the world, the grandson of Gianni Agnelli, the king of style, a former chief executive of fiat.

The fabric’s supplier, sartoria Rubinacci, was not random: three generations of Rubinacci have been in this tasteful and masculine institution since 1932. They dressed everyone for the duke of Kent and the singer Brian ferri, and of course the Agnelli family, of which Lapo Elkann was worth inheriting. They must know about style and tailoring, as you can see in this new Hublot replica watches Classic Fusion Italia Independent series.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent series consists of six watches made from three different materials: Titanium black and white “Houndstooth” (100 limited edition) or blue and red “the prince of wales (50 limited edition)” the dial and strap, black ceramic with black and white “, “the prince of wales (100 limited edition) or blue and red tartan” (50 limited edition) and the final 18 k gold and black and white and the prince of wales (50) limited edition or dark “tartan” limited edition (50).

All of these watches use the same 45mm x 13.05mm case and have an automatic chronometer (based on ETA, 2892,42 hours power reserve, 4Hz frequency). Example demonstrates Classic Fusion of style and execution, usually means the polishing and surface of wire drawing, with six titanium screws round table circle and the case in the middle of the composite resin (black or blue, depending on the version) integration. All rooms are equipped with rubber band, the fabric and smart Hublot replica watch.


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