Floyd Mayweather’s Limited Edition Hublot replica watches

It is well known that, twelve times, the undefeated world champion Freud “money” mayweather had luxury watches. In fact, before his high-profile match against MMA champion Conor McGregor, we last year described his vast collection of ice-cold watches worth millions of dollars. As many expected, mayweather beat McGregor in the Las Vegas game and beat him 50-0. The billionaire boxer has now turned his exquisite timetabling passion into a commercial enterprise, partnering with Hublot to launch the limited-edition fake Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT watch. Let’s take a look at this mayweather versus evergrande game.

Along with other luxury Hublot replica watches from the watch giant, Hublot is warming up for the Basel world. While Hublot and mayweather have established a partnership since 2015, the two Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT models are the brand’s first watches for boxers. As expected, the watch was as flashy as mayweather’s Hublot shorts and inspired the design.

Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT Carbon Gold chronometer is limited to 100 pieces. The 45mm case made of Carbon fiber composite material is used to manually insert Gold powder into the Carbon fiber layer. The result is a unique gold speckled black carbon material that looks almost like a fancy camouflage pattern. To match The gold and black details of The case, The hollow dial is printed with The TMT logo – “The Money Team” – gold applique, as well as The gold pointer, The gold pointer and The gold surround dial. The black cowhide strap is black and gold with python skin and gold rivet. Flip The cheap copy Hublot watch and you’ll see mayweather’s catchphrase, “The Best Ever,” boldly shortened to TBE applied to The sapphire cover and his signature.

The carbon-gold version is accompanied by the more luxurious Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT gold jewelry, this time limited to 10 pieces. The 45mm case is made of 18k gold and has 176 diamonds. The diamond ring consists of 48 oblong cut diamonds, while the hollowed-out dial also sparkles with bright diamonds on small dial, scale and TMT logo.

Commenting on the new Hublot réplique montre, named after him, mayweather said: “everyone knows I’m crazy about mechanical beauties, especially shiny watches. So I was really proud to see the TMT x Hublot on my watch. This watch means a lot to me. It represents my career, my unbeaten 50-0 record and my final battle to make history. “Champion fans will be happy to know that every watch comes with Money Man’s personally signed boxing gloves.

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