New Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Hands-On

Again, Hublot presents its concept of “fusion,” which combines the unique methods of different materials, many of which are not normally associated with watches, to produce some interesting combinations. The idea of the clockmaker working with the famous Parisian shoemaker Berluti was that they used green leather for both the skin and the dial, creating one of the most attractive pieces of the brand I personally found. Today, the same concept is used in Chronograph, fake Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti watches.

I am fully aware that this Hublot x Berluti watch is a polarizing watch. A bold creation, with a certain uniqueness and a very unusual improvement, is not something everyone likes, as Hublot réplique montre often is, and some people think it’s irrelevant. In some ways, this is positive. At the very least, it is proof that evergrande took risks and did not create anything conservative to please the masses. Personally, I like it and find it reasonable and well executed. After Baselworld 2016 third-hand version, hand to use the same leather dial, the same color scheme, but increased the timing stopwatch, for this year’s series adds another limited edition (such as the brand’s most watches) create hand Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti.

Basically, the recipe is the same: two watches, a black ceramic, an 18-karat gold, a black leather, and a brown leather. The main attraction of these Hublot replica watches is definitely their dial-up. Working with one of the world’s top five shoe manufacturers to use some of the most valuable leather and the best leather products, Berluti alone is too wasteful to make belts. This is why this unusual material is also used on the dial. Index and mark relief on the material, display vivid color. The use of leather on the dial is challenging due to the effects of uv, light and water, which raises questions about the aging process. For example, all moisture must be removed from the material before it is sealed into the shell. In addition, specific treatment measures have been taken to ensure that leather does not become too fast.

Both colors are available, including the 45mm classic fused chronometer case. The first Scritto All Black is made of a Black ceramic case with a polished and sanded surface, with a Black “engraved” band and a Black leather dial. The second edition of Scritto King Gold features a warm Gold case, a polished and sanded surface, and a warm tobacco brown band and leather dial (Berluti’s signature color). The two watches share the same screen and are equipped with a dual chronometer – a stopwatch that clocks in 3 and 30 minutes, with no date at 9. They are equipped with HUB1143 core, automatic timing core, 4Hz frequency and 42-hour power reserve – eta-based modular core.


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