Perfect New Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York Watch

When Hublot replica watches finds a new source of inspiration, it often dared to go further than any other major company in the luxury watch industry. Adhering to the motto of “Art of Fusion”, the perfect replica watch factory requires the watch factory to use unparalleled methods to create and combine materials, which has never been seen in the cheap replica watch industry, and the source of inspiration is not limited to aesthetic expression.

Replica Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle New York Watch

Four years after the launch of the first replique pas cher Hublot that combines Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship with concrete, the Nyon-based manufacturer sent a more cordial love letter to New York. New York is “Hublot”. “Hometown” of New York City for all the adventure, innovation and resilience. The New York Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle is designed to conquer the people of this artificial jungle, and now has a completely concrete composite structure, including the case, bezel and dial.

The second iteration of Hublot replica watch’s Fusion Concrete Jungle debuts its defining materials in enhanced form, embodying the value of Swiss watchmaking in more durable concrete. In 65% to 75% fine cement, 25-30% epoxy resin is mixed with 5-10% glass fiber for reinforcement. The deeper appearance highlights the distinctive dial. Dial made of solid concrete. Concrete Jungle takes the theme of the same name to another level, that is, a concrete dial replaces the applicable index of the open space, and the Hublot replica watches name and other text are applied to the uneven surface of this excellent dial. Even the hands on the main dial and sub-dial are tailor-made to perfectly match the texture and color of its concrete surroundings.

The special case of the AAA replica watch and the 50-meter water resistance level protect the HUB1143 movement. This self-winding chronograph movement is matched with the black ceramic buttons and crown for smooth and comfortable operation. Complementing these black parts is an all-black textile strap with black stitching. All these operations can best highlight the contrasting head of the concrete.

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