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After opening its doors to the first flagship store north of the border in late September, smart Hublot replica watch seems to be committed to investing time and resources to expand its presence in the Canadian market. The next step in the expansion drive is to come in the form of a limited-edition version: Hublot’s classic fusion timing table special edition of jose bautista. For nearly a decade, the Toronto bluebird veteran has been the city’s sporting icon, making him the perfect candidate to join Hublot’s growing roster of sports ambassadors.

In designing the new version, the brand pointed out that Bautista had a certain degree of involvement in design – although it was unclear exactly how much. Bautista 19 jersey number at 12 o ‘clock position conspicuous display (for some strange reason), set in black diamond, the former’s run a stopwatch changed to look like the shape of a baseball, and decorated with light grey stitching on the satin finish black dial. We would consider placing number 19 in the 7 o ‘clock position (24 hours at 19:00) is logical, but the work of the target audience is baseball fans instead of watching geek, but I not sure if there is one, to see that in many cases is a deal breaker. From a mechanical standpoint, the watch is still powered by fake Caliber Hublot HUB1143 automatically, which is suitable for 42 hours of power reserve.

In our brief chat with Bautista, it turns out that the beloved # 19 had a little interest in the watch a long time before Hublot réplique montres sounded. “In my early years I started with something more affordable (like many of us), but recently I’ve got about 22 or 23 watches in total,” bautista said with a smile. That is to say, given the interest and enthusiasm of the clock, for a brief moment we do not doubt that there are at least some interesting gems there.

The new edition is limited to 19 pieces (18 pieces, once you remove bautista’s personal watch) for $15,600. Although Hublot replica watches standards seem a bit low, at least one specific reason is reasonable. Bautista has been a free agent in the past major league baseball season, and it’s not clear if MLB will return to Toronto in 2018. Now he still has a huge fan base in the city, but his next uncertainty at home, sitting with Canada’s constant treasure retailers in domestic players no longer tied to watch the stock could be sold.


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