Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon replica watches-New Level of Crystal Clarity

Although growing Numbers, but remains relatively small, but many of the luxury watchmaker has met the challenge of using sapphire as materials, the material applies not only to cover the watch dial crystal, and apply to the whole box (a small number of representatives of these transparent watches here) – but what is clear is (you should forgive the pun) leading the charge. In Basel horologe exhibition in 2018, the Swiss brand with its unconventional materials and envelope propulsion technology is well known for the bold attempt, and the fake Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon is introduced into a new level, not only has the Tourbillon crystal transparent casing, a transparent hollow out movement.

Besides the transparent Sapphire watch case and crystal, resin dial and structured lined with rubber matching translucent strap, the Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon replica watches also equipped with a hand on internal HUB6016 manual chain the Tourbillon movement engraved version – yes, this is our in hand before the Tourbillon models to see the same five day power reserve movement, such as the Big Bang Tourbillon titanium power reserve 5 days, but there is a Big difference between: In addition to a few metal gears, the components are made of high-tech polycarbonate materials. The central stage is the bridge that supports the tuofei cage, which, like most exterior parts, is made of a near-indestructible sapphire. The effect is somewhat intoxicating, and when the tuofei wheel performs its balancing motion, the obvious mechanical parts seem to float inside the case.

Its 2016 predecessor, Big Bang ‘sapphire, the Hublot replica watches of 45 mm watchcase composed of solid sapphire stone grinding, the material is almost as hard as diamond scratch-resistant, and often very difficult to machining. A few non-sapphire elements in the case include six h-shaped titanium screws, which can be fixed to the body of the case, the metal crown, and the titanium ear and buckle. The hands on the dial are rhodium-plated brass, and they and large Arabic numerals have been handled by super-luminova for several hours.

As expected, the condition is thick -14.26 millimetres – and provides only moderate water resistance at 30 metres. The movement has been reduced to a relatively rare 175 components, including 25 gemstones, and is pulsing at a rate of 21,600 VPH. The dial also shows a 5-day power reserve for the move (actually 115 hours, or 4.79 days, but who is that number?). . Again, transparency in all areas is the watchword here.

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